"Family Instructions" goes: "the door while living in a foot." Said the ancient people self-sufficient living conditions, we can see that the ancient Chinese handicraft industry thriving. Compared with the bronze, ceramic, wood products more widely used among the people's production and life. Dating back 3 million years ago, people began to use wood tools. Log fires, wooden structure for the nest, wooden bed, windmills, bamboo arrows, etc., for the necessities of life, the effect of trees worth of use, it has become a major feature of life, representing the original human survival art and life wisdom . Carpenter Times


Extensive use of wood products, wooden spawned a number of experts specialized production of wood products, except with life, mostly for sale, their professionalism and dedication significantly different from the ordinary carpenter, had been known as "Carpenter." In modern times, have become a professional craftsman carpenter master universal call, they scattered all over the world, without any repression, arbitrary play to their talents, old wood in their quality of Seiko secret agents has become a unique piece of art products, people are willing to hire their own expert carpenter to build all kinds of furniture and supplies, a real craftsman era coming.

Fine Living

When people's living standards to rise, people pay more attention to the natural return of the original mind, a soft spot for a return to wood products. Each timber has its long lingering growth story, all the comforts of perception and wonderful feel are to draw people's lives. Natural, environmentally friendly, noble, out of print, it is that people aspire to live at the highest level. We baked every refined wood products are craftsmen carefully design and development of print quality, advocating simple beauty, natural beauty, the connotation of the United States, to create a unique living for each family; personalized, heart, for different people to create personalized style, maximum limits achieve fine life, my desire to call the shots.

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As a group engaged in the production of wood products for more than twenty years old craftsmen

We are wood products has a persistent pursuit

We hope to borrow from the craftsmanship heritage

The original ecology, unfettered


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Let your taste authentic natural life

Let the natural affinity of wood decorated your home

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